Inspiration Through Observation

The Primal Kitchen branding by Midday .

F L E U R by Judit Besze

La Sartén by Raul Gomez estudio

Identity design and art direction for Bullet Club.

David Sanden

In February of 2014 Marie & Claude LaPonte Launched Puree, an organic medicinal vegetable garden where consumers can have access to naturally farmed food located in there very neighborhoods. 

Specific produce has been known to help with health problems such as joint and arthritic issues as well as a variety of cronic illnesses. Although Puree is known for its attention to growth and detail in supplying locals with fresh and specialized produce owners Marie & Claude wanted to steer away from looking like a typical health pharamcy and focus more on the product they produce.
It was important right from the start to showcase Puree as a specialty produce company that is quite different than your typical organic mom and pop store. In order to accomplish this it was important to create a timeless Identity that held up to Puree’s standards of simplicity and aesthetic value. Inviting people to make the most of the food they eat.”
Studioahamed ®

Source is a UK based restaurant aiming to showcase the best of seasonal British ingredients.”

Ginger Monkey

The mission of The Makers Union is to create a chain of small educational craft workshops around the nation established in urban areas. It’s a completely unique store front, where craftsmen and makers of all kinds can pay a monthly fee gaining access to shop equipment, tools, and classes.”


The client is a grown up couple who has a family business in Saltillo Coahuila. They harvest the fruits themselves and transform them into traditional candy and preserves.

They opened the doors of their business and their own home to us, treating us like family. Due to that we were able to get inspiration directly from their kitchen, where they had a lot of crocks made of pewter, a very traditional material used in Mexico for many years. That’s the reason why we used pewter texture as the main element of the branding. The client surprised us with very accurate references of design, places and food around the world, that motivated us to propose a different solution for their project.
“El Tejocote” was a small task, but the persistence and determination turned it into a “great” project.”
Futura Mx

World Graphic Design Day by Alán Guzmán.